Mesh legend

The Nyzo web server periodically queries all verifiers that are currently active in the Nyzo mesh or have been active recently. The color-coding of verifier names on the mesh page provides limited information about verifiers based on these queries. This information is neither verified nor complete: the status response is a simple text response provided by the verifier, and it could easily be modified to provide false information. Also, many internal verifier issues that could cause undesired operation are not reported in the status response.

Despite these limitations, this information is useful for assessing the health of the mesh overall and the health of specific verifiers.


This verifier appears to be operating normally.

communication problem

The last time the web server sent a status request to this verifier, no response was received. This could be due to a number of factors, including network congestion, web server problems, deliberate blacklisting of the web server by the verifier, or a changed IP address.

This color overrides all other colors. So, even if a verifier would otherwise receive a different color code, a communication problem causes it to be displayed in this color.

tracking problem

The last status response from this verifier indicated that its frozen edge was significantly behind the frozen edge on the web server. For in-cycle verifiers, the threshold for this warning is 4 blocks, and for out-of-cycle verifiers, the threshold is 7 blocks. The different thresholds are due to the different speeds with which new blocks propagate to in-cycle and out-of-cycle verifiers.

This color overrides all other colors except the color for communication problems.

not producing blocks

The last status response from this verifier indicated that it is not yet producing blocks. This is normal for a new verifier; a verifier has to have slightly more than four cycles of the blockchain before it is able to produce blocks of its own.

official Nyzo

This is an official Nyzo verifier. The official Nyzo verifiers run the same code that is published in the official Nyzo repository, and they have no special functions or privileges. The last of the official Nyzo verifiers was deactivated and left the cycle at block 4381225.

incorrect hash

A red outline indicates that the verifier is reporting an incorrect hash.