Nyzo key tool

Paste or type the raw bytes of your private key to create private key and public ID Nyzo strings.

Tap the generate button to generate a new private key and public ID.

Load your Nyzo image to create private key and/or public ID Nyzo strings.

Enter your private key or public ID Nyzo string to display the raw bytes.

Save the private key and public ID. When you want to send coins, use your private key. When you only want to check your account information, use your public ID. You also send your public ID file to others so they can send coins to you.

Do not allow anyone else to access your private key. It will give them full control of your wallet. If you lose access to your private key, you will lose access to all of your coins. Take care of it: make sure that you don't lose it, and make sure no one else obtains it.

enter private key (raw bytes)

enter private key or public ID

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public ID


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