Note on earned fees

Each time a Nyzo verifier produces a block that is incorporated into the blockchain, the verifier is awarded 10% of the fees for that block and 10% of the fees for each of the subsequent 9 blocks. This division of fees among verifiers is intended to distribute fees more evenly if some blocks have large transactions and others do not.

Previously, on the wallet page, earned fees were displayed as separate entries for each block in which fees were earned. This would typically result in 10 entries for a verifier for each block verified. The volume of entries, especially for verifiers that were present in shorter cycles, was excessive.

The current version of the wallet consolidates all fees earned for a verified block into a single entry. This entry is displayed at the height 9 past the height verified, when the last fees for the verified block are earned. This has no effect whatsoever on the actual fees earned by the verifier or when those fees are credited to the account. It is simply a convenient simplification for purposes of display.

The blockchain is the authoritative source for all account balances. While we have gone to substantial effort to ensure that the web wallet displays correct balances for all accounts in a timely manner, there is a possibility that discrepancies may arise. If there is ever a disagreement between the balance displayed in the web wallet and the balance displayed in the blockchain balance list for an account, the only value that matters is the value displayed in the blockchain balance list.